2014 Ford Mustang GT Preview

The generation of Mustang go. Want a road trip-capable commuter that'll beat up on high-dollar sports cars with a couple of cheap bolt-ons come track day? Here it sits. Sure, the interior's a little cheap for 2013 and the very good Recaros sit way too high, but that's about the extent of my griping. Besides, as I've said before: if you're in this car and obsessing about the interior, you are horrible. You've got a naturally aspirated V8 turning gas into 420-hp and awesome noise under the hood. If you want, it'll turn your tires into melted rubber. It'll turn your red light into a staging light and your work parking lot into one of those gymkhana videos. It looks great. Mustangs are a little common, but they can be optioned and accessorized into statement-makers. For true enthusiasts with a bit more than $30k to spend, there isn't a better value proposition on the market.
2014 Ford Mustang GT Coupe Photo by: Ford

A package that surrounds the engine compartment is great as well. Steering is heavy, which is fine by me -- for a night, at least. If it ever were to get tiresome, though, there are three settings available to let you adjust the weight to your desired degree of boosted lightness. Be advised that turning off traction/stability control locks you into the heavy “sport” steering version.


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